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Marine Conservation Survey Data

2013 was another successful year of eco dive volunteering for us with the SILMAR Project, monitoring key species at our underwater research stations. Several full surveys were completed with the assistance of volunteer divers from Europe, Russia, India, the USA, and the U.E.A.

The data has been analysed by our SILMAR coordinator, Gaynor Rosier, with Xavier Salvador from Girona University, in order to explore the impacts and pressures upon this part of the Catalan coast. Raw data from the surveys of indicator species and other observations are used to score each research station in terms of its ecological quality, and to judge whether biodiversity is increasing, is stable, or is being lost. This information is presented to the local town councils and the local media, with suggestions for improvements that could be made.

SILMAR report 2013 Punta Romaní EN

SILMAR report2013 Cala Montgó EN


Cala Montó (GIM0109)

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The SILMAR Project is one of several marine conservation activities carried out by Fundaciomar, a marine research and conservation organisation. Kenna Eco Diving is a voluntary coordinator for research at two SILMAR stations near L'Escala.

Kenna Eco Diving Research AreaSilmar's Base in Begur, taken by Eco Dive Volunteer James Muir

Volunteers assist the Silmar Project in fulfilling its mission of conserving marine ecosystems for their recreational, commercial, and intrinsic value by linking the diving community with scientists and conservationists through marine-life data collection.  Volunteer divers are involved in surveying and cataloguing various key species and submitting that data to Silmar’s online database for further analysis. Volunteer divers learn to identify coastal species and recognize their key features and behaviours. Volunteers also explore threats to biodiversity, including over-fishing, habitat destruction, and pollution.